Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is Here

The sun is coming up in the morning sky, chasing away the shadows of a dark moody night. As it melts away the morning chill, I’m hoping it will warm up this chill in my heart. All things revolve around the temperate state of my heart, and my heart gets cold at the first sign of perceived attacks. The only defense a heart can take when it has left its door open when trying to enjoy the last of a summer’s breeze. Now its just cold, and distant. It has run through the house, closed all the windows and locked all of the shutters. It is suddenly wary of company, shy to socialize, it wants no parts of any human parts, but this is no way to live…

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vent (previously posted on BlackWomanLostandFound)

I’m good at what I do
I can make you feel good too
Let my light illuminate your dark days
and let my words soothe away your pain
but before you think my service is free
that my emotional support is a pit to eternity
I need you to get it right
the redemption of your soul aint my fight
And for all my good deeds
and shoulders weighed with burdens
I’m going to need some reciprocity
this is my 2 week notice
Selfish isn’t a trait that I take lightly
I’m the only one who hogs up my space
I take myself highly
So when I’m down in the dumps
you betcha its your turn
to dry the tears of this clown
and turn my frown upside down
consider this vent a warning
heed it well
because one day I wont be there in the morning
you will be alone to deal with your hell

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I need to take guitar lessons! I truly believe, in my lil creative heart, that an acoustic guitar would go swell with my revolutionary spoken word pieces...hmmmm. If only I could play (side eyeing my guitar collecting dust).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Painting: I just completed a painting of my friend’s son. He’s soooooooo cute, and I’m not a kid person, but he is someone I wouldn’t mind spending some time with. The painting actually makes him look like a black Gerber baby, but hey I’ll call it artistic interpretation and keep it moving. I’ll post a pic a soon as I bring it over to her. She doesn’t know its coming so shhhhhh.

Painting: I’ve had a headache for the past couple days now and decided to paint my interpretation of a migraine…a migraine colored interpretation. Migraines are such a big part of my life that I’m thinking of doing a couple pieces. Now I just need to find some canvases on sale.

Painting: I started some demons, I sketched them out in pencil and ink, and now I’m trying to transfer them onto canvas. I started by painting the backgrounds for my demons to dwell. That was like a month ago. I need to sit down and focus to finish making them come to life. I’m trying something different with them, I’m actually going to build them up off the canvas so parts of their lil demon faces are raised. This little experiment has cost me a hack saw and some plumbing pipes…when at first things go awry, keep trying…

Writing: The book (s), are coming along at a start and halt pace. It’s so frustrating because I’ll have the motivation to write, get in the zone, write about 8 pages, then fall off and stop for like 4 weeks. Or never even finish.

Writing: Working up the nerve to perform "Assumptions" at a spoken word venue. Where is Alise when I need her moral support?

Personal website: I just need the time to write up the content; everything else is pretty much done.

Keeping busy busy busy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Personal Message

I'm riding the momentum of my creativity. I've recently removed another self imposed block to my success. Feeling liberated! I swear I can do anything!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Darker Side Speaks

Hello world its me
the one she tries to keep quite
the one she confesses to at night
the one who knows how she really feels
I am that bitch who doesn’t care to be polite
and I’ve got something to say:

We don’t like you
she’s only being nice
we’ve never liked you
she trying to play the game right
but she’s gotten nothing for it
no prize, reward or relief
her inner thoughts have gotten morbid
from being nice and catching grief
so I’m here to say
what’s really on her mind
she cant stand your ignorant ass
and we wont give you anymore of our time
I feel better already
I think she does too
her thoughts aren’t so heavy
I even see a smile peaking through
I guess my job is done now
she wont let me speak for long
I’ll take my place in the back
until the next jackass comes along.

Monday, June 8, 2009


its not easy being a pioneer,
no one believes in you until after the fact
then everyone wants to jump on your bandwagon
but whether they are in it before or after the journey
they're still slowing me down
so I guess its best that I forge ahead